Jealous Billionaire 2: The Conclusion is Live!

Jealous Billionaire 2:  The Conclusion is finally live on Amazon!  You can purchase it here.

I am so sorry it took longer than expected to get this book out to you guys.  I had to take care of some family stuff which took a lot of my time, but I was finally able to complete this book.  Thanks so much for your patience and kind comments.  I hope you enjoy it!


Jealous Billionaire 2- The Conclusion

Jealous Billionaire 2- The Conclusion will be released on Friday November 7, exclusively on Amazon!  I meant to release this sooner but sometimes life gets in the way, and some things happened that were out of my control.  All is good now, so the final book will be available on November 7 for 99 cents!  I will post here and sent out a notice to my list when it is live!  If you’re not on my list feel free to join for notifications of new releases!



Still waiting…

So I uploaded Jealous Billionaire Book 1 at Amazon and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to go live.  Some things are just out of my control.  I will post when it finally goes live.

Cover Reveal!

This is my latest book which will be published on Tuesday 10/7.  It is a novella and is book 1 in a multipart serial.  I hope you guys like it!  I’m still working on the blurb, so I’ll post it as soon as it’s ready!  Edit:  Blurb is ready!

Jealous Billionaire Book1ARe

Six months.  Six months as a private dancer to pay off some debt, that was my plan. But then they came into my life and changed everything.  Two billionaires:  one wants to rescue me, one wants to own me.

Tristan – Self-made tech billionaire by 25, gorgeous, sexy, alpha, dominant.

Mark – Family money, gorgeous, sensitive, kind, sweet.

One gives me everything I need.  The other gives me everything I never knew I wanted.  I wish I could have them both, but a jealous billionaire doesn’t like to share…


Next Book

I have decided to write the sexy billionaire story next and I am hoping to have it finished in a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted on the progress. It will be a stand alone novel so there will be not be a cliffhanger!

New Stuff Coming!

This is also posted in the What’s Next section. I want to write a story about Abby Hunter and her bad boy Zane but I have to make sure that he has redeeming qualities, so I need to think about how I want to develop his character. I also am writing another sexy billionaire story which I have already started but I am not sure if I want to release that one first or the book with Abby and Zane.

I will keep you posted on what I decide!


More Joshua and Sarah!

Since so many of you have contacted me asking me to extend their story I decided to work on that story first before I complete the longer book I am writing.  The story is in 2 parts and the first part should be available on all retailers tomorrow depending on how long it will take to go through processing.  I call it a bonus book and I wrote it especially for those who requested more with these two.  I hope you enjoy it!  Here is the cover:

Description:  Sarah thought she had the perfect life with her gorgeous billionaire Joshua Hunter.  She thought that nothing ever could, or would, come
between them.  She thought they had a bond that was unbreakable, until the day she thought it had been broken.  Suddenly Sarah’s seemingly perfect
world is shaken and she doesn’t know what to believe.  Is Joshua the faithful, trustworthy man she thought he was, or has she been oblivious to what may
have been right in front of her the whole time?

Working Hard

I am hard at work on completing Jake’s story.  My goal is to have it published by this weekend.  I am really trying to crank out the stories faster so readers don’t have to wait so long in between books.